Why Start A Blog?

The nurturing richness of books inspired me to create a space where this delicacy was available to others.

ArielsNotes is a platform to read about business, interesting books, trailblazing individuals, innovative technology, and more. But, Its origin and development were not as straight forward as you would imagine. I was never particularly interested in writing. I mean, what can an ordinary, yet distinct, individual articulate that can capture the attention of numerous individuals? At first, the answer wasn’t so obvious. Not to mention, for me, no emphasis on a particular subject was set in stone, and I always experimented with new subjects.

I am no special individual, just an ordinary man with ordinary thoughts. I haven’t built a product or platform that has altered the steering course of the world, at least not yet. There are no buildings with glossy, and humongous, lettering spelling my name. There are no monuments dedicated to me. But the one thing I haven’t talked enough about is my passion to learn how things work, apply the knowledge, and share these exquisite “secrets” with others.

As my mother would often say, “no need to reinvent the wheel”. This idiom illustrates there is no need to waste one's time working on creating something that has already been created by someone else, or trying to solve a problem that has already been solved by someone else. As humans, we continue to share our experiences and knowledge. This allows for others to follow in order to improve the quality of their life. I’ve always been the type to just dive in and truly enrich myself within various subjects and tasks, and learn by reading what others have done before me regarding the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of the task at hand.

For me, books have an addictively refreshing potion that allows you to conquer the most daring quests known to man. Aside from this initial offering, books create a cognitive engagement that improves thinking. I got my first taste of this experience at 13 years old, when I picked up my first book, and I have continued to search for the most appetizing ones of them all ever since.

As I began to dive deeper into the quest for more knowledge, I began to love the idea of creating a platform that facilitates the acquisition of this exhilarating experience from books to others. On the other hand, as I was going along my journey, I came across a variety of other cool things to offer— knowledge of fascinating individuals, business, and technology.

After traveling thousands of miles in over 12 countries around the globe and numerous states of the United States of America, I’ve decided to create a sacred place where I would share knowledge of the books I feel most passionate about, and share some knowledge I’ve acquired on business and technology.

I almost decided not to do this. I, simply, was never an advanced English writer. I began to truly absorb the English language when I moved to New York from the Dominican Republic at 12 years old. The insecurity of letting visitors and/or future subscribers of this platform down due to lack of communication was real and powerful. However, the idea of possibly building a community of avid readers and knowledge seekers was far stronger than any force of fear within me.

The concept of sharing will be the driving force of ArielsNotes. Because if I can articulate what I have been blessed to come across with, someone will always have questions about the subjects I’ve covered and find actual answers in one of my posts. And it won't matter how much time passes! This will make all the difference in my life.

Thank you for finding my notes. I hope you come across more of my content and it brings value to you. Please feel free to subscribe and allow the posts to come to you. Prepare to embark on this journey of finding delicious potions that will satisfy your fancy taste buds.

In ArielsNotes, I hope you find a book you’ll enjoy reading, learn something new, or get something useful from the shop.

Stay tuned. Please feel free to subscribe if you have not already done so. Take great care of yourself and enjoy my notes!