Why Start A Blog?

The nurturing richness of books inspired me to create a space where this delicacy was available to others.

ArielsNotes is a platform to read about business, interesting books, trailblazing individuals, innovative technology, and more. But, Its origin and development were not as straight forward as you would imagine. I was never particularly interested in writing. I mean, what can an ordinary, yet distinct, individual articulate that can capture the attention of numerous individuals? At first, the answer wasn’t so obvious. Not to mention, for me, no emphasis on a particular subject was set in stone, and I always experimented with new subjects.

I am no special individual, just an ordinary man with ordinary thoughts. I haven’t built a product or platform that has altered the steering course of the world, at least not yet. There are no buildings with glossy, and humongous, lettering spelling my name. There are no monuments dedicated to me. But the one thing I haven’t talked enough about is my passion to learn how things work, apply the knowledge, and share these exquisite “secrets” with others.

As my mother would often say, “no need to