Why Having a Website Could Change Your Life

Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. Why wouldn’t you own real estate in the biggest market of them all?

Nowadays, we spend most of our time looking online for information that will facilitate the way we live, help us make better purchasing decisions, and if you’re like me, learning and seeking what’s virtually out there. On August 6 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world. The origin of the Internet arose from the desire to interconnect computer networks. Research and development began in the United States and involved international collaboration. Going live, the press did not seem to cover it extensively and so it went unnoticed to many. Most people around the world didn't even know what the Internet was. Today, more than half of the world is on it—The other section left is internally debating to join. The exponential increase of daily internet users emphasizes the importance of a website for a business.