How Bats Are Helping The Blind

Studies of the only flying mammal in the world have led to obstacle detectors assisting those who cannot see!

woman holding a book, next to a coffee mug

Try to imagine doing your daily tasks with your eyes closed. May be difficult right? The blind face such difficulties every day. Do not get me wrong— you may be inclined to believe blindness will deter you from having any kind of normal life. However, blindness does not stop people from disrupting industries in fruitful ways, making groundbreaking discoveries, and revolutionizing society as we know it. If you do not believe me, look into the numerous trailblazers like, Louis Braille who as a result of an early childhood accident was blinded and decided to develop a system of tactile code that could allow blind people to read and write quickly and efficiently; the world-famous Braille System, that to this day, remains virtually unchanged. Or, perhaps Hellen Keller, who was about two when she became blind and deaf following an illness. But decided to read and write Braille, and go on to study in a college and write world-famous books; all while devoting her life to helping the blind and the deaf. The list of histo