Meet the face
behind the posts

Hello there! My name is Ariel Rodriguez and I am the founder of ArielsNotes. You should know I am a sarcasm connoisseur. You’d probably lose your mind trying to understand mine. I truly enjoy seeing others maximize their potential and I hope this platform brings value to you. I am thankful to the greatest teachers in my life: heartbreak, failure, and empty pockets. Their classrooms were not my favorite. But there, I learned the greatest life lessons. Entrepreneurship has been a passion of mine from a young age. In sales, I've done it all; from drink stands, garage sales, and even a candy-selling empire in middle school. One of the coolest experiences in business for me was participating in Stony Brook University's business pitch competition (WolfieTank) in 2018. WolfieTank, like the popular TV show Shark Tank, presents a unique opportunity for members of the Stony Brook Community to showcase their talents by presenting ideas to an esteemed panel of Judges. Afterward, I was featured in Stony Brook University's Spring 2020 magazine to highlight entrepreneurship on campus. Aside from business and innovation, I truly enjoy sports. Watching NFL games on Sundays is my favorite way to relax!

In the corporate world, I had the opportunity to Intern for the Information Technology Department of Delta Airlines. There, I was able to contribute as a Business Analyst, Graphic Designer, and Web designer. Thanks to Delta Airlines, I was able to travel the world on the weekends and be able to enrich my spirit with foreign languages, delicious cuisines, and interesting cultures for three months. Right after, I continued pursuing my passion for traveling by studying abroad for the Fall Semester at the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon. In December of 2019, once back in the United States, I walked in graduation a semester early to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Specializing in Business & Economics from Stony Brook University. After celebrating the holidays with my family, a few days later, I accepted an offer from Soter Technologies where I assumed the role of an Engineer. Nowadays, I am thrilled to contribute to an innovative company in New York, continue learning and sharing with you all— while enjoying the company of my loved ones.

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